Nemithia is the Capital of Asconar.

City wards of Nemithia

It straddles the river Medlure, and is a walled city surrounded by some outlying residential areas, along with some local industries.  There are also a few estates on the outskirts of the city, primarily providing fresh food for the city.

The Medlure is a wide river at this point, despite having many miles to go before reaching its estuary in Carthery.  Barges come down the river, laden with goods from Daberon along with trade from Oscallon and produce and other necessities grown or produced in the Kingdom.

At the heart of Nemitha lies the Athel Palace, the traditional seat of Asconar’s rulers.  It is guarded by the Ravens, a cadre of warriors and supporting personnel recruited from among the common populace.  Anyone can become a Raven and benefit from the honours that bestows, but they take only the best, the brightest, and the most promising.  Ravens serve for life, taking an oath to protect the Crown, and the State.  When the King (or Queen) is in residence, the Ravens are joined in their duty by the Lions, the order of Knights who carry the Royal Arms.  Most of the Lions are noble born, but it is possible for a commoner to join their ranks at the ruler’s discretion.

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