About this site

The Known Kingdoms are a shared world, settings for stories written by two very good friends: Penelope Hill and J.A. Mortimore.  Those stories have started to see the light of day – both in print, and on this site, where we will publish background information on the world of Achea, along with a few myths and legends, a short tale or two, and maybe even some interactive fiction for our readers to enjoy.

The site is, inevitably, a work in progress – and possibly a bit of an experiment. How much should an author share about the world that lies behind their fiction? Do readers want to read all those jotted notes that get made at odd hours of the night, or can be found written in the footnotes and margins of a first draft? We are hoping you do – and will come back to read more as we add more detail and further pages. You can explore those notes (and the other things on the site) using the links in the side bar ->

We don’t claim to be artists, but we will make an effort to include some illustrations. Our maps are generally created using a copy of Profantasy’s Campaign Cartographer and many of the other images you will find on this site were created using Daz 3d software and/or Corel Graphics software. There might even be a few photographs of things we’ve used to inspire us. We shall see!