It is said that, on the first day,  Val’vachea, earth mother, creator of life, womb of the world, woke to the cold and darkness of the void …

How Val'vachea made the world 

The Known Kingdoms can be found on the Western end of a sprawling continent that spans a good third of the northern hemisphere of Achea.  This continent is divided from a second, slightly smaller continent by the mostly landlocked Midmerle Sea, the two land masses only meeting at the borders of the southernmost Kingdoms.

The Kingdoms occupy less than third of their parent continent, and while there is some trade between them and the civilisations to the east, much of the land between them is currently unmapped and generally unexplored, its history and occupancy known to most of the Kingdoms inhabitants only from fragments of history and arcane lore.

Their world is therefore divided between the Known, and the Unknown, with hints of legends, rumours, and far distant, mythical places scattered along the edges of both.

Unknown to most, that is –  it doesn’t include the Dragons, who live long lives and have long memories.  Many of their kind live in those unmapped territories, and those that dwell within the Known lands are notorious for keeping secrets.

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