Intelligent Races

The Known Kingdoms are home to a variety of intelligent races that often share but sometimes compete for their place in the world.

The most common race is probably humanity, which comes in a range of colours and political leanings, and has a long history of both conflict and collaboration.

The dominant race is Dragonkind.  The Dragons (and their close relatives the Sansig) are the oldest inhabitants of these lands (both historically and literally) but they are few and far between, which is probably just as well.

The origin of all the various races are lost in mythology and legend, although some of them are more likely to be ‘created’ races, engineered by experimental (and very powerful) mages long since vanished from history.  Others may have ‘arrived’ through dimensional portals – perhaps seeking lands to conquer, or simply seeking escape from others seeking to conquer them.  Whatever their origins, the various races have established themselves as natives of Achea, and contribute to its cultures and its commerce, playing an essential part in the shaping of the world.

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