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A list of available Authors’ works by Penelope Hill and J.A. Mortimore

Tales of the Known Kingdom

Short Stories

Shelf Life‘ by Penelope Hill – published in ‘Fantastic Middle Schools
(Ed: Christopher G Nuttall and L. Jagi Lamplighter 2001)

Three students of the college of Magics in Oscallon get themselves into a little trouble, and have to work out how to deal with it – before it becomes a whole lot more trouble …


Available as an e-book on the 23rd September 2022!

The Vanished Mage by Penelope Hill and J.A. Mortimore

Published by Elsewhen Press

When the Prince’s usually punctual tutor fails to appear for a planned lesson, he asks for assistance from the Lady Parasin, Paladin of Our Lady of the Sighs and Kings Investigator in the city of Nemitha.

She along with her companion, the R’rruthren, Foorourow Miar Raar Ramoura (known as Foo to his friends) set out to discover what may have happened to the missing mage – encountering a tangle of mystery, magic, and murder!

Other works by the same Authors

Working Weekend‘ by Penelope Hill. Published by Elsewhen Press in 2020

When the Circus came to town’ by J. A. Mortimore.
Published in ‘The Rebel Diaries‘.
(Ed: Sacha Black 2022)