Capital: The city of Carthery

Medium of exchange: Gold Solars, Silver Cubes, Iron rings.  (And any other currency if you are offering it – or even if there was no offer involved).

Carthery is ruled by a Duke, supposedly nominated by the local noble families, although succession and the selection process is probably a far cry from expectations of a ‘fair and free’ election.

Population is primarily Human in the city and surrounds areas.  Elfin groves can be found on the borders with Greenhaven, and the swamps of the delta are home to several tribes of Sansig.

Primary exports: sparkweed, hemp (they make of lot of rope), perfumes and distilled oils (from plants growing in the delta).  They also are a centre for naval trade, their port serving several large merchant fleets, which include importing (for on-going export) from Crysoland, The shattered Isles, the Northern raiders, and countries along the Northern coast.  They particularly specialise in whale bone and walrus ivory, but send barges up river to Nemithia and Daberon beyond it, with cargoes of ambergris, sea coal, and any number of rarities that have passed through merchant trader hands.

The Kingdom of Carthery  was once a part of Asconar.   Although it is referred to as a Kingdom. it is better called a Dukedom, since it is the Duke who commands its destiny.  Even back then it was a despised and much neglected part, despite being one of the country’s principle ports.

It’s a marshy, hostile piece of land, primarily consisting of the Medlure Delta, over which the river crawls in a thousand channels, finally spilling into the sea in several places along the shallow coast.

The coast itself changes constantly, being scoured by the red tides and, after them, re-deposited with a mix of soils brought down the river and the sand and rock eroded from further along the Northern coast. The Medlure has long since carved a valley between the hills of the Forest Gleanings and the southern hills in Greenhaven: the Delta is a sink hole that attracts the debris and detritus that comes down the river and up with the tides – and that includes the dregs of humanity, which have claimed it for their own.

It is also home to several Sansig tribes, who still live their nomadic lives among the marshes and river channels that crisscross the delta. They work as ferrymen and hunters, serving and feeding the city that hunkers at the heart of the land like a fat, bloated spider.


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