Map of Asconar

Asconar is known as the Kingdom of the Heart – so named because of having Oscallon embedded into it, rather than any sentimental reason (no matter what the Heralds claim).

Capital: Nemithia

Medium of exchange: Gold Crowns, Silver Swords, Copper Crests (sometimes called Shields). They also use half Coppers, quarter coppers and bits. There are twenty bits to a full copper, 10 coppers to a Sword, and 20 Swords to Crown. A five Crown is known as a Sovereign, but they are rare.

Asconar is a Monarchy, with a hereditary King/Queen supported by an Advisory Council. Places on the Council are appointed by agreement between the ruler and the current Council members. While they tend to be prominent nobles of the Court with associated titles and ranks, they can include others who have earned their rank by deed or learning, such as the Mage of the Court. Council members include the Lord Admiral, the Senior Herald, the King’s Sword (Commander of the Lions), and at least two Lords Spiritual (nominated by the Inner City Council of Nemithia).



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