King Alwick

Alwick Ravenlion, better known as King Alwick the fourth, is the current King of Asconar, having succeeded to the throne of his Father, King Magoran.

He is supported by Queen Sharasaan, the Queen Consort.  She is his second wife, his first having died in childbirth despite the best efforts of a whole cadre of priests, doctors, and midwives.

He has three children.  Prince Rufus, the crown prince, Prince Broderick, and Princess Elian, who is the youngest child.

Alwick is known to be a firm but fair ruler, and a careful diplomat, preferring the quiet of peace to the tumult of war.  He pays attention to the advice of his Royal Council, but has established other ways of gathering both information about the welfare of his people and events elsewhere in the Kingdoms, in other ways.

He established the position of ‘King’s Investigator’ soon after he took the throne and has quietly recruited a talented and loyal group of individuals to serve in that role.  Some of these are publicly known as holding the office.  Others work in the background, accorded the King’s authority when charged with a mission, but often staying out of the limelight and pursuing his requests without revealing his hand in their tasks.

The most well-known of these agents is the Lady Parasin, whose nature excludes the potential for secret or even discrete investigations, but who, nevertheless, provides a valuable service to her King, to his subjects, and to others across the Known Kingdoms.

Alwick is much more than a throne sitting diplomat.  He is a formidable warrior (as is his Queen) and has personally fought to defend his kingdom from invasion, from insurrection, from corruption, and from supernatural incursions.   He is an excellent hunter, and personally cares for his dogs, his hunting lions, and even the luprrin that was gifted to him by the R’rruthren S’ssarmow pride that hunts in the forests of the Gleanings.

They also gifted Queen Sharasaan with a kirtle cat kitten – which now rules the roost among the cats of the Athel Palace with confident superiority.