The Kharad Kingdom

Capital: Ironheight

Medium of exchange: Platinum Hammers, Gold Spheres, Silver Quarters, Copper Smelts.

Khazar is largely mountainous, and is riddled with vast areas of both open and underworked mining.  Some of these structures are said to go back to the first arrival of the Kharad in Achea.

The population is principally Kharad, although there are human settlements in some valleys supporting some of the deep enclaves through farming.  Hoomin can also be found here, often tending the flocks that graze on the mountain slopes around Karhard settlements.

It is ruled by a Hereditary King, who is supported by the various clan chiefs and their own under-chiefs.  Below that Kahrad society is egalitarian, with expectation of contributions to family and clan from all members (according to their own skills and capabilities).  Different clans specialise in various minerals and ores.

Main exports: Iron and iron founded goods, Karhad steel (expensive), gold, silver, copper, and various precious stones.  Karhad excel in both casting and smithing, as well as mechanical engineering (or ‘tinkering’ as they call it).  Their jewellers do exquisite work, gem cutting, and metal settings, and their fine silver and gold chain work is especially prized.  They also make chain and plate mail to order, tending to be far superior to armour wrought elsewhere, but it is highly expensive and can take some time to produce.

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