The Elfinhome.

Capital: Lorluthuviel

Medium of exchange: Gold, silver and bronze leaves, Copper acorns.

Governed by: The Elfin High Lord and High Lady.  Governance is a loose system with high independence between local groupings and settlements (often grown up around a long live tree or grove, with equally long lived Elfin partnered with them).  Social level/rank is less important than earned reputation, although ‘highborn’ blood lines are respected.  Human dominated settlements (mainly established for the lumber trade) are sparse, but are generally controlled by locally elected mayors.  There is one known Phraif hive in the South of the country, unusual in that it has been dug out and built around the roots of a very ancient tree.  Rumor has it that the Hive is haunted by the Elfin linked to the tree, who has long since ‘faded’ into practical insubstantiality, their spirit absorbed by the tree itself.

Main export: Timber (carefully managed and controlled), rare herbs (that grow wild in the milder climate) and more common cultivated ones, truffles, some nuts, furs and animal pelts, resins for incenses, and fabric woven from both Phraif and spider silk.  Elfin have an affinity for both wild (wood) magic, and True Weaving, so rarer exports include enchanted textiles, wands and working staffs.

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